Class EvaluatePrecomputedOutlierScores.Par

    • Field Detail

      • NAME_ID

        public static final OptionID NAME_ID
        Row name.
      • PARSER_ID

        public static final OptionID PARSER_ID
        Input parser.

        public static final OptionID REVERSED_ID
        Pattern for reversed methods.
      • infile infile
        Data source.
      • reverse

        java.util.regex.Pattern reverse
        Pattern to recognize reversed methods.
      • outfile

        java.nio.file.Path outfile
        Output destination file
      • name

        java.lang.String name
        Name column to prepend.
    • Constructor Detail

      • Par

        public Par()
    • Method Detail

      • configure

        public void configure​(Parameterization config)
        Description copied from interface: Parameterizer
        Configure the class.

        Note: the status is collected by the parameterization object, so that multiple errors may arise and be reported in one run.

        config - Parameterization