Class MkTreeHeader

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    public class MkTreeHeader
    extends TreeIndexHeader
    Encapsulates the header information for subclasses of AbstractMkTreeUnified. This information is needed for persistent storage.
    Elke Achtert
    • Field Detail

      • SIZE

        private static int SIZE
        The size of this header in Bytes, which is 4 Bytes (for k_max).
      • k_max

        private int k_max
        The maximum number k of reverse kNN queries to be supported.
    • Constructor Detail

      • MkTreeHeader

        public MkTreeHeader()
        Empty constructor for serialization.
      • MkTreeHeader

        public MkTreeHeader​(int pageSize,
                            int dirCapacity,
                            int leafCapacity,
                            int k_max)
        Creates a nerw header with the specified parameters.
        pageSize - the size of a page in bytes
        dirCapacity - the capacity of a directory node
        leafCapacity - the capacity of a leaf node
        k_max - the parameter k