Package elki.utilities

Utility and helper classes - commonly used data structures, output formatting, exceptions, ...

Specialized utility classes (which often collect static utility methods only) can be found in other places of ELKI as well, as seen below.

Important utility function collections:

  • Basic and low-level:
    • Util: Miscellaneous utility functions.
    • LoggingUtil: simple logging access.
    • MathUtil: Mathematics utility functions.
    • VectorUtil: Vector and Matrix functions.
    • SpatialUtil: Spatial MBR computations (intersection, union etc.).
    • ByteArrayUtil: byte array processing (low-level IO via byte arrays).
    • FileUtil: File and file name utility functions.
    • ClassGenericsUtil: Generic classes (instantiation, arrays of arrays, sets that require safe but unchecked casts).
  • Database-related:
    • TypeUtil: Data type utility functions and common type definitions.
    • DBIDUtil: Database ID DBID handling.
    • DataStoreUtil: Data storage layer (like Maps).
    • DatabaseUtil: database utility functions (centroid etc.).
    • ResultUtil: result processing functions (e.g., extracting sub-results).
  • Output-related:
    • FormatUtil: output formatting.
    • SVGUtil: SVG generation (XML DOM based).
    • BatikUtil: Apache Batik SVG utilities (coordinate transforms screen to canvas).
  • Specialized: