Class DashedLineStyleLibrary

    • Field Detail

      • colors

        private ColorLibrary colors
        The style library we use for colors
      • dashpatterns

        private double[][] dashpatterns
        Dash patterns to regularly use
      • solidreplacement

        private double[] solidreplacement
        Replacement for the solid pattern in 'interpolated' mode
      • dotcolor

        private java.lang.String dotcolor
        Color of "uncolored" dots
      • graycolor

        private java.lang.String graycolor
        Color of "grayed out" dots
    • Constructor Detail

      • DashedLineStyleLibrary

        public DashedLineStyleLibrary​(StyleLibrary style)
        style - Style library
    • Method Detail

      • formatCSSClass

        public void formatCSSClass​(CSSClass cls,
                                   int style,
                                   double width,
                                   java.lang.Object... flags)
        Description copied from interface: LineStyleLibrary
        Add the formatting statements to the given CSS class. Note: this can overwrite some existing properties of the CSS class.
        Specified by:
        formatCSSClass in interface LineStyleLibrary
        cls - CSS class to modify
        style - style number
        width - line width
        flags - meta objects to request line variants