Package elki.gui.util

Class ParameterTable.AdjustingEditor

  • All Implemented Interfaces:, javax.swing.CellEditor, javax.swing.table.TableCellEditor
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    private class ParameterTable.AdjustingEditor
    extends javax.swing.AbstractCellEditor
    implements javax.swing.table.TableCellEditor
    This Editor will adjust to the type of the Option: Sometimes just a plain text editor, sometimes a ComboBox to offer known choices, and sometime a file selector dialog.
    Erich Schubert
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      java.lang.Object getCellEditorValue()  
      java.awt.Component getTableCellEditorComponent​(javax.swing.JTable table, java.lang.Object value, boolean isSelected, int row, int column)  
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        addCellEditorListener, cancelCellEditing, fireEditingCanceled, fireEditingStopped, getCellEditorListeners, isCellEditable, removeCellEditorListener, shouldSelectCell, stopCellEditing
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        addCellEditorListener, cancelCellEditing, isCellEditable, removeCellEditorListener, shouldSelectCell, stopCellEditing
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      • serialVersionUID

        private static final long serialVersionUID
        Serial version
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      • plaintextEditor

        private final javax.swing.DefaultCellEditor plaintextEditor
        The plain text cell editor
      • activeEditor

        private javax.swing.table.TableCellEditor activeEditor
        We need to remember which editor we delegated to, so we know whom to ask for the value entered.
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      • AdjustingEditor

        public AdjustingEditor()
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      • getCellEditorValue

        public java.lang.Object getCellEditorValue()
        Specified by:
        getCellEditorValue in interface javax.swing.CellEditor
      • getTableCellEditorComponent

        public java.awt.Component getTableCellEditorComponent​(javax.swing.JTable table,
                                                              java.lang.Object value,
                                                              boolean isSelected,
                                                              int row,
                                                              int column)
        Specified by:
        getTableCellEditorComponent in interface javax.swing.table.TableCellEditor