Class TooltipStringVisualization.Instance

    • Field Detail

      • result

        private Relation<?> result
        Number value to visualize
      • fontsize

        private double fontsize
        Font size to use.
    • Method Detail

      • makeTooltip

        protected org.w3c.dom.Element makeTooltip​(DBIDRef id,
                                                  double x,
                                                  double y,
                                                  double dotsize)
        Description copied from class: AbstractTooltipVisualization
        Make a tooltip Element for this id.
        Specified by:
        makeTooltip in class AbstractTooltipVisualization
        id - Id to make a tooltip for
        x - X position
        y - Y position
        dotsize - Size of a dot
      • setupCSS

        protected void setupCSS​(SVGPlot svgp)
        Registers the Tooltip-CSS-Class at a SVGPlot.
        Specified by:
        setupCSS in class AbstractTooltipVisualization
        svgp - the SVGPlot to register the Tooltip-CSS-Class.