Class UnweightedDiscreteUncertainObject

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    FeatureVector<java.lang.Double>, SpatialComparable, DiscreteUncertainObject, UncertainObject

    @Reference(authors="N. Dalvi, C. R\u00e9, D. Suciu",title="Probabilistic databases: diamonds in the dirt",booktitle="Communications of the ACM 52, 7",url="",bibkey="DBLP:journals/cacm/DalviRS09") @Reference(authors="O. Benjelloun, A. D. Sarma, A. Halevy, J. Widom",title="ULDBs: Databases with uncertainty and lineage",booktitle="Proc. of the 32nd Int. Conf. on Very Large Data Bases (VLDB)",url="",bibkey="DBLP:conf/vldb/BenjellounSHW06")
    public class UnweightedDiscreteUncertainObject
    extends AbstractUncertainObject
    implements DiscreteUncertainObject
    Unweighted implementation of discrete uncertain objects.
    • Every object is represented by a finite number of discrete samples.
    • Every sample has the same weight.
    • Every sample is equally likely to be returned by drawSample(java.util.Random).

    This is called the block independent-disjoint (BID model) in:

    N. Dalvi, C. RĂ©, D. Suciu
    Probabilistic databases: diamonds in the dirt
    Communications of the ACM 52, 7

    This is also known as the X-Tuple model in:

    O. Benjelloun, A. D. Sarma, A. Halevy, J. Widom
    ULDBs: Databases with uncertainty and lineage
    In Proc. of the 32nd Int. Conf. on Very Large Data Bases (VLDB)

    Alexander Koos, Erich Schubert