Class NumberVectorLabelParser.Par<V extends NumberVector>

    • Field Detail


        public static final OptionID LABEL_INDICES_ID
        A comma separated list of the indices of labels (may be numeric), counting whitespace separated entries in a line starting with 0. The corresponding entries will be treated as a label.

        public static final OptionID VECTOR_TYPE_ID
        Parameter to specify the type of vectors to produce.
      • labelIndices

        protected long[] labelIndices
        Keeps the indices of the attributes to be treated as a string label.
    • Constructor Detail

      • Par

        public Par()
    • Method Detail

      • getFactory

        protected void getFactory​(Parameterization config)
        Get the object factory.
        config - Parameterization
      • getLabelIndices

        protected void getLabelIndices​(Parameterization config)
        Get the label indices.
        config - Parameterization