Class CFTree.Factory<L extends ClusterFeature>

  • Enclosing class:
    CFTree<L extends ClusterFeature>

    public static class CFTree.Factory<L extends ClusterFeature>
    extends java.lang.Object
    CF-Tree Factory.
    Erich Schubert
    • Field Detail

      • dist

        CFDistance dist
        BIRCH distance function to use
      • abs

        CFDistance abs
        BIRCH distance function to use for point absorption
      • threshold

        double threshold
        Cluster merge threshold.
      • branchingFactor

        int branchingFactor
        Maximum branching factor of CFTree.
      • maxleaves

        double maxleaves
        Maximum number of leaves (absolute or relative)
    • Constructor Detail

      • Factory

        public Factory​(ClusterFeature.Factory<L> factory,
                       CFDistance dist,
                       CFDistance abs,
                       double threshold,
                       int branchingFactor,
                       double maxleaves,
                       CFTree.Threshold tCriterium)
        factory - Cluster feature factory
        dist - Distance function to choose nearest
        abs - Absorption criterion
        threshold - Distance threshold
        branchingFactor - Maximum branching factor
        maxleaves - Maximum number of leaves
        tCriterium - threshold adjustment rule
    • Method Detail

      • newTree

        public CFTree<L> newTree​(DBIDs ids,
                                 Relation<? extends NumberVector> relation,
                                 boolean storeIds)
        Make a new tree.
        ids - DBIDs to insert
        relation - Data relation
        New tree