Class MkAppTreeNode<O>

    • Field Detail

      • LOG

        private static final Logging LOG
        Class logger.
    • Constructor Detail

      • MkAppTreeNode

        public MkAppTreeNode()
        Empty constructor for Externalizable interface.
      • MkAppTreeNode

        public MkAppTreeNode​(int capacity,
                             boolean isLeaf)
        Creates a MkAppTreeNode object.
        capacity - the capacity (maximum number of entries plus 1 for overflow) of this node
        isLeaf - indicates whether this node is a leaf node
    • Method Detail

      • knnDistanceApproximation

        protected PolynomialApproximation knnDistanceApproximation()
        Determines and returns the polynomial approximation for the knn distances of this node as the maximum of the polynomial approximations of all entries.
        the conservative approximation for the knn distances
      • adjustEntry

        public boolean adjustEntry​(MkAppEntry entry,
                                   DBID routingObjectID,
                                   double parentDistance,
                                   AbstractMTree<O,​MkAppTreeNode<O>,​MkAppEntry,​?> mTree)
        Adjusts the parameters of the entry representing this node.
        adjustEntry in class AbstractMTreeNode<O,​MkAppTreeNode<O>,​MkAppEntry>
        entry - the entry representing this node
        routingObjectID - the id of the (new) routing object of this node
        parentDistance - the distance from the routing object of this node to the routing object of the parent node
        mTree - the M-Tree object holding this node
        true if adjustment of parent is needed