Class AbstractVisualization

    • Field Detail

      • layer

        protected org.w3c.dom.Element layer
        Layer storage
      • width

        private double width
      • height

        private double height
    • Constructor Detail

      • AbstractVisualization

        public AbstractVisualization​(VisualizerContext context,
                                     VisualizationTask task,
                                     VisualizationPlot plot,
                                     double width,
                                     double height)
        context - Visualizer context
        task - Visualization task
        plot - Plot to draw to
        width - Embedding width
        height - Embedding height
    • Method Detail

      • addListeners

        protected void addListeners()
        Add the listeners according to the mask.
      • destroy

        public void destroy()
        Description copied from interface: Visualization
        Destroy the visualization. Called after the elements have been removed from the document. Implementations should remove their listeners etc.
        Specified by:
        destroy in interface Visualization
      • getLayer

        public org.w3c.dom.Element getLayer()
        Description copied from interface: Visualization
        Get the SVG layer of the given visualization.
        Specified by:
        getLayer in interface Visualization
      • getWidth

        protected double getWidth()
        Get the width
        the width
      • getHeight

        protected double getHeight()
        Get the height
        the height
      • incrementalRedraw

        public void incrementalRedraw()
        Redraw the visualization (maybe incremental). Optional - by default, it will do a full redraw, which often is faster!
        Specified by:
        incrementalRedraw in interface Visualization
      • fullRedraw

        public abstract void fullRedraw()
        Description copied from interface: Visualization
        Request a full redrawing of the visualization.
        Specified by:
        fullRedraw in interface Visualization
      • resultChanged

        public void resultChanged​(java.lang.Object current)
        Description copied from interface: ResultListener
        Notify that the current result has changed substantially.
        Specified by:
        resultChanged in interface ResultListener
        current - Result that has changed.