Class AbstractOPTICSVisualization

    • Field Detail

      • plotwidth

        protected double plotwidth
        Width of plot (in display units)
      • plotheight

        protected double plotheight
        Height of plot (in display units)
    • Constructor Detail

      • AbstractOPTICSVisualization

        public AbstractOPTICSVisualization​(VisualizerContext context,
                                           VisualizationTask task,
                                           VisualizationPlot plot,
                                           double width,
                                           double height,
                                           Projection proj)
        context - Visualizer context
        task - Visualization task.
        plot - Plot to draw to
        width - Embedding width
        height - Embedding height
        proj - Projection
    • Method Detail

      • makeLayerElement

        protected void makeLayerElement()
        Produce a new layer element.
      • getClusterOrder

        protected ClusterOrder getClusterOrder()
        Access the raw cluster order
        Cluster order