Class COPVectorVisualization.Instance

    • Field Detail

      • VEC

        public static final java.lang.String VEC
        Generic tag to indicate the type of element. Used in IDs, CSS-Classes etc.
        See Also:
        Constant Field Values
      • result

        protected Relation<double[]> result
        The outlier result to visualize
    • Constructor Detail

      • Instance

        public Instance​(VisualizerContext context,
                        VisualizationTask task,
                        VisualizationPlot plot,
                        double width,
                        double height,
                        Projection proj)
        context - Visualizer context
        task - Visualization task
        plot - Plot to draw to
        width - Embedding width
        height - Embedding height
        proj - Projection
    • Method Detail

      • setupCSS

        private void setupCSS​(SVGPlot svgp)
        Registers the COP error vector-CSS-Class at a SVGPlot.
        svgp - the SVGPlot to register the Tooltip-CSS-Class.