Class YinYangKMeans.Par<V extends NumberVector>

    • Field Detail

      • T_ID

        public static final OptionID T_ID
        Parameter to specify t the number of centroid groups.
      • t

        protected int t
        Number of groups in the initial clustering of the centroids.
    • Constructor Detail

      • Par

        public Par()
    • Method Detail

      • needsMetric

        protected boolean needsMetric()
        Description copied from class: AbstractKMeans.Par
        Users could use other non-metric distances at their own risk; but some k-means variants make explicit use of the triangle inequality, we emit extra warnings then.
        needsMetric in class AbstractKMeans.Par<V extends NumberVector>
        true if the algorithm uses triangle inequality
      • make

        public YinYangKMeans<V> make()
        Description copied from interface: Parameterizer
        Make an instance after successful configuration.

        Note: your class should return the exact type, only this very broad interface should use Object as return type.

        Specified by:
        make in interface Parameterizer
        Specified by:
        make in class AbstractKMeans.Par<V extends NumberVector>
        a new instance