Interface Uncertainifier<UO extends UncertainObject>

    • Field Detail


        static final OptionID SYMMETRIC_ID
        Shared parameter: to force centering the uncertain region on the exact vector.
    • Method Detail

      • newFeatureVector

        <A> UO newFeatureVector​(java.util.Random rand,
                                A array,
                                NumberArrayAdapter<?,​A> adapter)
        Generate a new uncertain object. This interface is specialized to numerical arrays. The generics allow the use with primitive double[] arrays:
         UO obj = newFeatureVector(array, ArrayLikeUtil.DOUBLEARRAYADAPTER);
        Type Parameters:
        A - Array type
        rand - Random generator
        array - Array
        adapter - Array type adapter
        Uncertain object
      • getFactory

        FeatureVector.Factory<UO,​?> getFactory()
        Get the vector factory used for type information and serialization (if supported).
        Vector factory.