Class NNDescent.Factory<O>

    • Field Detail

      • delta

        private final double delta
        early termination parameter
      • rho

        private final double rho
        sample rate
      • noInitialNeighbors

        private final boolean noInitialNeighbors
        set initial neighbors?
      • iterations

        private final int iterations
        maximum number of iterations
    • Constructor Detail

      • Factory

        public Factory​(int k,
                       Distance<? super O> distance,
                       RandomFactory rnd,
                       double delta,
                       double rho,
                       boolean noInitialNeighbors,
                       int iterations)
        k - K
        distance - distance function
        rnd - Random generator
        delta - Delta threshold
        rho - Rho threshold
        noInitialNeighbors - Do not use initial neighbors
        iterations - Maximum number of iterations