Class SpacefillingKNNPreprocessor.Factory<V extends NumberVector>

    • Field Detail

      • curvegen

        java.util.List<? extends SpatialSorter> curvegen
        Spatial curve generators
      • window

        double window
        Curve window size
      • variants

        int variants
        Number of variants to generate for each curve
      • odim

        int odim
        Number of dimensions to use.
    • Constructor Detail

      • Factory

        public Factory​(java.util.List<? extends SpatialSorter> curvegen,
                       double window,
                       int variants,
                       int odim,
                       RandomProjectionFamily proj,
                       RandomFactory random)
        curvegen - Curve generators
        window - Window multiplicator
        variants - Number of curve variants to generate
        odim - Number of dimensions to use -1 == all.
        proj - Random projection family
        random - Random number generator