Class AbstractMTreeFactory.Par<O,​N extends AbstractMTreeNode<O,​N,​E>,​E extends MTreeEntry,​S extends MTreeSettings<O,​N,​E>>

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        public static final OptionID DISTANCE_FUNCTION_ID
        Parameter to specify the distance function to determine the distance between database objects, must extend Distance.

        public static final OptionID SPLIT_STRATEGY_ID
        Parameter to specify the splitting strategy to construct the tree.

        public static final OptionID INSERT_STRATEGY_ID
        Parameter to specify the insertion strategy to construct the tree.
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      • Par

        public Par()
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      • makeSettings

        protected abstract S makeSettings()
      • make

        public abstract AbstractMTreeFactory<O,​N,​E,​?> make()
        Description copied from interface: Parameterizer
        Make an instance after successful configuration.

        Note: your class should return the exact type, only this very broad interface should use Object as return type.

        Specified by:
        make in interface Parameterizer
        Specified by:
        make in class PagedIndexFactory.Par<O>
        a new instance