Class MkTabTreeNode<O>

    • Constructor Detail

      • MkTabTreeNode

        public MkTabTreeNode()
        Empty constructor for Externalizable interface.
      • MkTabTreeNode

        public MkTabTreeNode​(int capacity,
                             boolean isLeaf)
        Creates a MkTabTreeNode object.
        capacity - the capacity (maximum number of entries plus 1 for overflow) of this node
        isLeaf - indicates whether this node is a leaf node
    • Method Detail

      • kNNDistances

        protected double[] kNNDistances()
        Determines and returns the knn distance of this node as the maximum knn distance of all entries.
        the knn distance of this node
      • adjustEntry

        public boolean adjustEntry​(MkTabEntry entry,
                                   DBID routingObjectID,
                                   double parentDistance,
                                   AbstractMTree<O,​MkTabTreeNode<O>,​MkTabEntry,​?> mTree)
        Description copied from class: AbstractMTreeNode
        Adjusts the parameters of the entry representing this node (e.g., after insertion of new objects). Subclasses may need to overwrite this method.
        adjustEntry in class AbstractMTreeNode<O,​MkTabTreeNode<O>,​MkTabEntry>
        entry - the entry representing this node
        routingObjectID - the id of the (new) routing object of this node
        parentDistance - the distance from the routing object of this node to the routing object of the parent node
        mTree - the M-Tree object holding this node
        true if adjustment of parent is needed