Class EuclideanRStarTreeDistancePrioritySearcher<O extends SpatialComparable>

    • Constructor Detail

      • EuclideanRStarTreeDistancePrioritySearcher

        public EuclideanRStarTreeDistancePrioritySearcher​(AbstractRStarTree<?,​?,​?> tree,
                                                          Relation<? extends O> relation)
        tree - Index to use
        relation - Data relation to query
    • Method Detail

      • valid

        public boolean valid()
        Description copied from interface: Iter
        Returns true if the iterator currently points to a valid object.
        Specified by:
        valid in interface Iter
        a boolean value, whether the position is valid.
      • advanceQueue

        protected boolean advanceQueue()
        Expand the next node of the priority heap.
      • getLowerBound

        public double getLowerBound()
        Description copied from interface: PrioritySearcher
        Get the lower bound (if available).

        Note: the lower bound is already checked by the cutoff of the priority search, so this is primarily useful for analyzing the search behavior.

        Specified by:
        getLowerBound in interface PrioritySearcher<O extends SpatialComparable>
        Double.NaN if not valid
      • allLowerBound

        public double allLowerBound()
        Description copied from interface: PrioritySearcher
        Lower bound for all subsequent instances (that have been completely explored). The searcher guarantees that no further results will be returned with a distance less than this.
        Specified by:
        allLowerBound in interface PrioritySearcher<O extends SpatialComparable>
        lower bound; 0 if no guarantees (e.g., linear scan)
      • internalGetIndex

        public int internalGetIndex()
        Description copied from interface: DBIDRef
        Internal only: Get the internal index.

        NOT FOR PUBLIC USE - ELKI Optimization engine only.

        Specified by:
        internalGetIndex in interface DBIDRef
        Internal index