Class RdKNNNode

    • Constructor Detail

      • RdKNNNode

        public RdKNNNode()
        Empty constructor for Externalizable interface.
      • RdKNNNode

        public RdKNNNode​(int capacity,
                         boolean isLeaf)
        Creates a new RdKNNNode object.
        capacity - the capacity (maximum number of entries plus 1 for overflow) of this node
        isLeaf - indicates whether this node is a leaf node
    • Method Detail

      • kNNDistance

        protected double kNNDistance()
        Computes and returns the aggregated knn distance of this node
        the aggregated knn distance of this node
      • integrityCheckParameters

        protected void integrityCheckParameters​(RdKNNNode parent,
                                                int index)
        Tests, if the parameters of the entry representing this node, are correctly set. Subclasses may need to overwrite this method.
        integrityCheckParameters in class AbstractRStarTreeNode<RdKNNNode,​RdKNNEntry>
        parent - the parent holding the entry representing this node
        index - the index of the entry in the parents child array