Class OpenGL3DParallelCoordinates.Settings<O>

  • Type Parameters:
    O - Object type
    Enclosing class:
    OpenGL3DParallelCoordinates<O extends NumberVector>

    public static class OpenGL3DParallelCoordinates.Settings<O>
    extends java.lang.Object
    Class keeping the visualizer settings.
    Erich Schubert
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    • Field Detail

      • sim

        public Dependence sim
        Similarity measure in use.
      • layout

        public Layouter3DPC<? super O> layout
        Layouting method.
      • linewidth

        public float linewidth
        Line width.
      • texwidth

        public int texwidth
        Texture width.
      • texheight

        public int texheight
        Texture height.
      • mipmaps

        public int mipmaps
        Number of additional mipmaps to generate.
    • Constructor Detail

      • Settings

        public Settings()