Class CLINK<O>

  • Type Parameters:
    O - the type of DatabaseObject the algorithm is applied on
    All Implemented Interfaces:
    Algorithm, HierarchicalClusteringAlgorithm

    @Reference(authors="D. Defays",
               title="An Efficient Algorithm for the Complete Link Cluster Method",
               booktitle="The Computer Journal 20.4",
    public class CLINK<O>
    extends SLINK<O>
    CLINK algorithm for complete linkage.

    This algorithm runs in O(n²) time, and needs only O(n) memory. The results can differ from the standard algorithm in unfavorable ways, and are order-dependent (Defays: "Modifications of the labeling permit us to obtain different minimal superior ultrametric dissimilarities"). Unfortunately, the results are usually perceived to be substantially worse than the more expensive algorithms for complete linkage clustering. This arises from the fact that this algorithm has to add the new object to the existing tree in every step, instead of being able to always do the globally best merge.


    D. Defays
    An Efficient Algorithm for the Complete Link Cluster Method
    In: The Computer Journal 20.4

    Erich Schubert