Eclipse Configuration for ELKI

Eclipse is the main development environment for ELKI, and thus the best supported.

  1. Install a recent version of Eclipse, please use version Mars or later.
  2. If using Mars.1 or earlier, you need to update “Buildship Gradle Integration” via the Eclipse Marketplace.
  3. On GitHub either “fork” the project (to have your personal writable copy) or use the read-only clone uri:
  4. In Eclipse, Import from Git, Clone URI.

    Choose a destination folder - we usually do keep this in the Eclipse workspace folder rather than the Eclipse suggestion. Import as “general project”.

  5. Right-Click the project, and choose “Configure”, “Add Gradle nature”. You should see many more projects appear.

  6. Optional: In “Gradle Tasks”, choose “elki-project, ide, eclipse”. This will install some code formatters and templates. Refresh the project afterwards.

    (If you do not have the “Gradle Tasks”, you can open it via “Window, Show View, Other …”)

  1. You can now run the ELKI MiniGUI:

    If the entry is not yet in the dropdown, choose “Run Configurations …” and it should be in the “Java Application” category.