Release History

0.7.5 (2019, February 15)

Bug fix and enhancement release 0.7.5 (cite as release 0.7.5)


dependencies {
    compile group: 'de.lmu.ifi.dbs.elki', name: 'elki', version:'0.7.5'


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0.7.1 (2016, February 11)

Bug fix and enhancement release 0.7.1 (cite as release 0.7)

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0.7.0 (2015, November 27)

Final release of the 0.7.0 version. (cite as release 0.7)

0.7.0~20150828 (2015, August 28)

Release candidate of the 0.7.0 version. (cite as release 0.7)

0.6.5~20141030 (2014, October 30)

Beta release for the upcoming 0.7.0 version.

0.6.5~20140721 (2014, July 21)


0.6.0 (2014, January, 10)

Final release for the 3D Parallel Coordinate Demo at SIGMOD 2013 (see 3DPC for details). (cite as release 0.6)

0.6.0~beta2 (2013, October, 29)


0.6.0~beta1 (2013, June, 20)

Beta release as base for the 3D Parallel Coordinate Demo at SIGMOD 2013 (see 3DPC for details). (cite as release 0.6)

0.5.5 (2012, December, 11)

Primarily a bug fix release, adding just a few new algorithms such as COP, some ensemble outlier functionality and some more LOF variants. The fixed bugs involve error reporting, incorrect labels on ROC curves and some performance issues. See the release notes for details. (cite as release 0.5)

0.5.0 (2012, June, 30)

New release with new data mining algorithms (e.g. k-means variations, outlier detection ensembles, OUTRES, aLOCI, HilOut, GDBSCAN, HiCS), index structures (various R-tree splitting and bulk loading strategies, VAFile, partial VAFile), visualization (parallel coordinates, Voronoi cells, alpha shapes and cluster differences) and evaluation methods (various clustering similarity measures). (cite as release 0.5)

0.5.0~beta2 (2012, June, 1)


0.5.0~beta1 (2012, April, 2)


0.4.1 (2012, January, 30)

Minor bug fix release (see ticket [ticket:74] for detailed changes), not adding any new functionality (cite as release 0.4)

0.4.0 (2011, September, 20)

New release along with an application for spatial outlier detection visualization on geographical data (see publication release 0.4)

0.3 (2010, March, 31)

New release with a focus on outlier detection methods and visualization (see publication release 0.3), along with some general refactoring that improves memory efficiency and performance and a minimalistic GUI for interactive parameterization of ELKI algorithms.

0.2.1 (2009, July, 13)

bug-fix release for 0.2, solving an issue with running PreDeCon, FourC and COPAC.

0.2 (2009, July, 6)

publication of an extended version (see publication release 0.2), including distance measures for time series and a visualization tool for kNN-queries on time series.
Substantial changes in the infrastructure, see documentation.

0.1 (2008, July, 10)

first publication of the framework (see publication release 0.1)