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j - Variable in class elki.algorithm.KNNJoin.Task
Second offset.
j - Variable in class elki.clustering.correlation.ORCLUS.ProjectedEnergy
Origin cluster indexes
jaccard() - Method in class elki.evaluation.clustering.PairCounting
Computes the Jaccard index
Jaccard - Class in elki.itemsetmining.associationrules.interest
Jaccard interestingness measure:
Jaccard() - Constructor for class elki.itemsetmining.associationrules.interest.Jaccard
jaccardCoefficient(DBIDs, DBIDs) - Static method in class elki.distance.SharedNearestNeighborJaccardDistance.Instance
Compute the Jaccard coefficient
jaccardSimilarity(BitVector) - Method in class elki.data.BitVector
Compute the Jaccard similarity of two bit vectors.
JaccardSimilarityDistance - Class in elki.distance.set
A flexible extension of Jaccard similarity to non-binary vectors.
JaccardSimilarityDistance() - Constructor for class elki.distance.set.JaccardSimilarityDistance
JeffreyDivergenceDistance - Class in elki.distance.probabilistic
Jeffrey Divergence for NumberVectors is a symmetric, smoothened version of the KullbackLeiblerDivergenceAsymmetricDistance.
JeffreyDivergenceDistance() - Constructor for class elki.distance.probabilistic.JeffreyDivergenceDistance
Use static instance!
JeffreyDivergenceDistance.Par - Class in elki.distance.probabilistic
Parameterization class, using the static instance.
JensenShannonDivergenceDistance - Class in elki.distance.probabilistic
Jensen-Shannon Divergence for NumberVectors is a symmetric, smoothened version of the KullbackLeiblerDivergenceAsymmetricDistance.
JensenShannonDivergenceDistance() - Constructor for class elki.distance.probabilistic.JensenShannonDivergenceDistance
Use static instance!
JensenShannonDivergenceDistance.Par - Class in elki.distance.probabilistic
Parameterization class, using the static instance.
JensenShannonEquiwidthDependence - Class in elki.math.statistics.dependence
Jensen-Shannon Divergence is closely related to mutual information.
JensenShannonEquiwidthDependence() - Constructor for class elki.math.statistics.dependence.JensenShannonEquiwidthDependence
Constructor - use JensenShannonEquiwidthDependence.STATIC instance.
JensenShannonEquiwidthDependence.Par - Class in elki.math.statistics.dependence
Parameterization class.
jitter - Variable in class elki.clustering.correlation.CASH
Maximum jitter for distance values.
jitter - Variable in class elki.clustering.correlation.CASH.Par
Maximum jitter for distance values.
jitter - Variable in class elki.datasource.filter.transform.HistogramJitterFilter
Jitter amount.
jitter - Variable in class elki.datasource.filter.transform.HistogramJitterFilter.Par
Jitter amount.
JITTER_ID - Static variable in class elki.clustering.correlation.CASH.Par
Parameter to specify the maximum jitter for distance values, must be a double greater than 0.
JITTER_ID - Static variable in class elki.datasource.filter.transform.HistogramJitterFilter.Par
Option ID for the jitter strength.
JMeasure - Class in elki.itemsetmining.associationrules.interest
J-Measure interestingness measure.
JMeasure() - Constructor for class elki.itemsetmining.associationrules.interest.JMeasure
join(CLIQUESubspace, double, double) - Method in class elki.clustering.subspace.clique.CLIQUESubspace
Joins this subspace and its dense units with the specified subspace and its dense units.
join(CLIQUEUnit, double, double) - Method in class elki.clustering.subspace.clique.CLIQUEUnit
Joins this unit with the specified unit.
join(Subspace) - Method in class elki.data.Subspace
Joins this subspace with the specified subspace.
joinEnumNames(String) - Method in class elki.utilities.optionhandling.parameters.EnumParameter
Utility method for merging possible values into a string for informational messages.
joinLastDimensions(Subspace) - Method in class elki.data.Subspace
Joins the dimensions of this subspace with the dimensions of the specified subspace.
jointNMI() - Method in class elki.evaluation.clustering.Entropy
Get the joint-normalized mutual information.
JPEG - elki.result.ExportVisualizations.Format
JSVGSynchronizedCanvas - Class in elki.visualization.batikutil
An JSVGCanvas that allows easier synchronization of Updates for SVGPlot objects.
JSVGSynchronizedCanvas() - Constructor for class elki.visualization.batikutil.JSVGSynchronizedCanvas
JSVGUpdateSynchronizer - Class in elki.visualization.batikutil
This class is used to synchronize SVG updates with an JSVG canvas.
JSVGUpdateSynchronizer(JSVGComponent) - Constructor for class elki.visualization.batikutil.JSVGUpdateSynchronizer
Create an updateSynchronizer for the given component.
JSVGUpdateSynchronizer.UMAdapter - Class in elki.visualization.batikutil
Adapter that will track the component for UpdateManager changes.
JudgeOutlierScores - Class in elki.evaluation.outlier
Compute a Histogram to evaluate a ranking algorithm.
JudgeOutlierScores(Pattern, ScalingFunction) - Constructor for class elki.evaluation.outlier.JudgeOutlierScores
JudgeOutlierScores.Par - Class in elki.evaluation.outlier
Parameterization class.
JudgeOutlierScores.ScoreResult - Class in elki.evaluation.outlier
Result object for outlier score judgements.
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