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ZCurveSpatialSorter - Class in elki.math.spacefillingcurves
Class to sort the data set by their Z-index, without doing a full materialization of the Z indexes.
ZCurveSpatialSorter() - Constructor for class elki.math.spacefillingcurves.ZCurveSpatialSorter
Constructor, use ZCurveSpatialSorter.STATIC instead.
ZCurveSpatialSorter.Par - Class in elki.math.spacefillingcurves
Parameterization class.
ZCurveTransformer - Class in elki.math.spacefillingcurves
Class to transform a relation to its Z coordinates.
ZCurveTransformer(Relation<? extends NumberVector>, DBIDs) - Constructor for class elki.math.spacefillingcurves.ZCurveTransformer
zero(int) - Static method in class elki.utilities.datastructures.BitsUtil
Allocate a new long[].
zeroI(long[]) - Static method in class elki.utilities.datastructures.BitsUtil
Zero the given set Low-endian layout for the array.
zeroMatrix(int) - Static method in class elki.math.linearalgebra.VMath
Returns the zero matrix of the specified dimension.
ZEROPADDING - Static variable in class elki.utilities.io.FormatUtil
Buffer for zero padding.
ZipfEstimator - Class in elki.math.statistics.intrinsicdimensionality
Zipf estimator (qq-estimator) of the intrinsic dimensionality.
ZipfEstimator() - Constructor for class elki.math.statistics.intrinsicdimensionality.ZipfEstimator
ZipfEstimator.Par - Class in elki.math.statistics.intrinsicdimensionality
Parameterization class.
ZOOMFACTOR - Variable in class elki.math.scales.LinearScale
Resulting factor.
zSort(List<? extends SpatialComparable>, int, int, double[], int[], int) - Method in class elki.math.spacefillingcurves.ZCurveSpatialSorter
The actual Z sorting function
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