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y - Variable in class elki.math.linearalgebra.fitting.FittingFunctionResult
Value at the given coordinate
y - Variable in class elki.math.linearalgebra.fitting.LevenbergMarquardtMethod
y - Variable in class elki.math.statistics.MultipleLinearRegression
The (n x 1) - double[] holding the y-values (y1, ..., yn)^T.
y - Variable in class elki.svm.qmatrix.SVC_Q
y - Variable in class elki.svm.solver.Solver
y - Variable in class elki.visualization.gui.overview.PlotItem
Position: y
y - Variable in class elki.visualization.parallel3d.layout.AbstractLayout3DPC.AbstractNode
y - Variable in class elki.visualization.svg.SVGButton
Y position
y_mean - Variable in class elki.math.statistics.MultipleLinearRegression
Holds the mean value of the y-values.
YinYangKMeans<V extends NumberVector> - Class in elki.clustering.kmeans
Yin-Yang k-Means Clustering.
YinYangKMeans(int, int, KMeansInitialization, int) - Constructor for class elki.clustering.kmeans.YinYangKMeans
YinYangKMeans.Instance - Class in elki.clustering.kmeans
Instance for a particular data set.
YinYangKMeans.Par<V extends NumberVector> - Class in elki.clustering.kmeans
Parameterization class.
ypos - Variable in class elki.visualization.visualizers.parallel.AxisVisibilityVisualization.Instance
Vertical position
YulesQ - Class in elki.itemsetmining.associationrules.interest
Yule's Q interestingness measure.
YulesQ() - Constructor for class elki.itemsetmining.associationrules.interest.YulesQ
YulesY - Class in elki.itemsetmining.associationrules.interest
Yule's Y interestingness measure.
YulesY() - Constructor for class elki.itemsetmining.associationrules.interest.YulesY
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